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The Grade 9 and 10 Drama Students chose their favourite Children’s Storybooks to adapt for you. 

GRADE 9 & 10 Drama Students


Mélanie is trying to share a story about a mouse, but an unexpected guest makes an appearance and causes a ruckus. It is now up to Mélanie, and the rest of the characters in the story to put an end to Chester’s commotion. 

Students: Isabelle Gique, Brigid Morrison, 

Laura Paniccia, Emily Um

Teacher: Donna Marie Baratta


Hansel & Gretel is an old folktale adapted by the Grimm brothers.  Hansel & Gretel are the only children of an impoverished woodcutter.  When famine hits the country, their stepmother pushes her husband to abandon the children in the woods. Things then take an unexpected turn and Gretel has to find the courage to save her beloved brother.

Students: Patrick Del Balso, Rocio Martinez Delfa, Audrey Sampaleanu, Romario Sarmiento Bravo

Teacher: Sheila O'Brien


Andrew tells his child about his first-ever loose tooth. But this wasn’t your typical loose tooth, for some reason his tooth just would not come out! Andrew goes through many trials and errors to finally get his tooth out, but how?.........

Students: Arielle Abrazaldo, Kent Ausin, Aria Cristini, Veronica Frangini, Deeyar Sito 

Teacher: Donna Marie Baratta


Tacky the Penguin has always been the black sheep of his group. His companions always tease him for being strange until one day, he uses his uniqueness to save the day. Tacky teaches us that it’s okay to be different from everyone else. 

Students: Jenna Caruso, Alessia Cirulli, Andrea Cisneros Barillas, Alexey Gouchtchine, Isabela Marcellino

Teacher: Donna Marie Baratta


The Gruffalo is about a mouse who every character in the book wants to eat. The little mouse then lies and says that he is meeting with something terrifying called a Gruffalo to scare the other animals away. The little mouse then finds himself face to face with none other than the Gruffalo. In order to not get eaten by the Gruffalo, the mouse tells him that he is the most scary animal in the woods.

Students: Samuel Dorta, Anastasia Filipoiu, Liliana Filippi, Nicholas Reid, Milana Noel

Teacher: Donna Marie Baratta


Peter Cried Wolf  originated from Aesop’s Fables and showcases the story of  a shepherd boy who repeatedly tricks nearby villagers into thinking a wolf is attacking his town's flock. Finally, a wolf actually does appear.  Unfortunately, at this point the villagers, tired of being tricked, believe  it’s just another false alarm and refuse to go  to Peter’s rescue. 

Students: Alexander Bastone, Precious Edwards,

Ciaran Fanning, Chloe Sattin

Teacher: Sheila O'Brien 


The Three LIttle Pigs is a fable about three pigs and a Big Bad Wolf.  The pigs live in three separate houses, made of straw, sticks and bricks. Terrorized by the Wolf, the pigs finally take a stand together to defend themselves. Many different versions have evolved over the years. Our version is set in the Wild West in the 1800’s.

Students: Abbey Libertucci, Fionn Rewucki, Chiara Vona, Brayden Williams.

Teacher: Sheila O'Brien


The story is about a lion cub that only liked strawberries, and didn’t want to eat anything else. But in the forest where he lived there weren't any, so he sat and cried and asked for strawberries. His mother, the lioness, tried to tempt him with all kinds of tasty dishes, but nothing helped.

Students: Dante De Santis, Ernesto Cortez, Alex Stagno, Uri Stramer, Fleur Vorstman

Teacher: Donna Marie Baratta


Like many children’s stories, variations on the story of Cinderella are found in the folk tales of countless countries. One of the earliest versions is over 2000 years old. There are over 500 versions of this tale. The stories do have certain things in common: a young girl, oppression,  and a life that suddenly changes for the better. 

Students: Sophia Birley, Alyanna Dela Cruz, Matthew DiFelice, Julia Gonzalez Campa

Teacher: Sheila O'Brien

This story is based on a 19th century British fairy tale. The tale of a little girl who encounters three bears while wandering through the woods is a famous one.   Goldilocks just wants to rest, have something to eat and have a nap, but then...the bears return home.  Our version of the tale  provides an interesting twist on the original.

Students: Lucas Busoi, Beatrice Espaldon, Sara D’Ambrosio, Jessica Yohans

Teacher: Sheila O'Brien




Little Red Riding Hood is the famous story about a young girl who outsmarts the Big Bad Wolf.  Again, this story appears in many variations throughout Europe, but was standardized in the version told by the Brothers Grimm. In many early versions, it’s a cautionary tale for children. Our adaptation includes a few new twists.

Students: Isabella Alves, Stella Kriparos, Ishika Verma, 

Tessa Wacholtz

Teacher: Sheila O'Brien