The CCAA Music Department includes over 350 students in its three distinct areas of Strings, Vocal and Band. We are proud of our 30 year history of educating students to achieve extraordinary musical skills within a welcoming and caring environment. 


With so many successful alumni all over the World, we proudly carry our reputation of being fun-loving and dedicated to music and each other. 

​Teachers, along with Guest Artists engage students in a variety of small and large ensembles which are level appropriate to students’ musical skills. We have always been committed to enroll our students in performance activities, Music Festivals and Competitions where we consistently achieve outstanding results. We promote leadership within the students body through activities like our peer mentoring, student led sectionals, and student led small ensembles. This leadership extends to the entire Music Department with its active Music Student Council who organize various fun events, Music Banquets and fundraising activities to allow our 350 students to connect and build friendships. Our biannual Music Trips to Canadian and International destinations have always been the highlight of the Music Department. 

Even through the Covid pandemic, we continued with online sectionals, online peer mentoring and virtual large group rehearsals. The CCAA Music Department worked together to produce their first, groundbreaking online Christmas Concerts and Spring Concerts this year, in which all of our music students were invited to participate. 

We are always excited to be able to collaborate with other departments in events like the school musical and integrated school performances. This tradition continued this year in our online performances by collaborating with Dance, Drama and Visual Art student groups. Some of the highlights include the Jazz Band collaborating with the Grade 11 Dancers in La Fiesta, and the Appalachian Springs performed by our first virtual symphony orchestra and the dance department.


We are truly proud of our eleven different ensembles who entered the Kiwanis Virtual Music Festival 2021. Both of our Vocal groups, virtual Concert Bands, String Orchestra and instrumental-small ensembles achieved a Platinum standing. We are most impressed with our students who recorded and edited their own small ensemble performances and were selected for the Kiwanis Provincial Finals. At the provincial level, these groups were awarded top place standings and were awarded scholarships prizes. 


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